Curse of Strahd

The Party receives a request and heads to Barovia

Following a letter the party found themselves trapped in a misty forest, attacked by zombies and unable to leave. Attempting to venture into the mists caused Thia to become confused and exhausted.

The party found a body with a letter in its pocket similar to theirs.

The party was met by a hulking revenant, a passive armour-clad knight who, after determining that they were not “allied with the devil” walked away.

The party fought and defeated some shambling undead creatures that came out of the ground.

The party was forced by the mists towards some large gates which open to let them into the valley. They proceeded to a village. The mists began to close in until they were trapped outside a single house in the deserted streets. Two children outside entreat their help getting rid of a monster in the basement.



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