Curse of Strahd

Saving the Druid

The party rested in the safety of the Leomund’s Tiny Hut spell and then headed to Lake Zarovich in the early morning. After walking for an hour or so in the mists, they came across an elderly (but spry) hooded woman, currently being chased from the walls of Vallaki and into the woods. Her pursuers appeared to be two druids clad in furs. As she ran, the ground came alive as a vine blight attempted to ensnare her. The party called out a warning and she ran off the path and into the trees.

The mysterious woman was chased through woods to an empty hut and the party quickly darted after her, fending off twig blights on the way. With the exception of a weakened floor giving way and dunking a few party members into the swamp waters beneath the hut, the fight they found was not a challenge: the party killed two evil druids and various twig and vine blights and rescued the stranger.

The party fulfilled their first of Madam Eva’s Tarrokka fortunes, starting with the bonus card, The Druid – saving an elderly Druid in need.

Sirdar, a human druid joined the party!



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