Curse of Strahd

Death House

The party looked throughout a house for a way down to the basement but found none. They headed up instead and found their way through a secret door to the attic. They found some bones and met the ghostly spirits of the children and two party members were possessed.

They found another secret passage which took them all the way downstairs to a dungeon below the house. They put the bones to rest in the crypts and the childrens’ spirits left them.

The party fought various enemies including the spirits of the childrens’ parents and a shadow demon whilst heading towards the source of a chanting.

The chanting was coming from an altar and cult spirits demanded a sacrifice.

The party refused and had to fight a shambling mound, which they defeated.

On their way back out of the house, the walls and doors came to life and spinning blades nearly killed several party members.



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