Curse of Strahd

Adventures in Vallaki

The party staked out Blinsky’s toy shop and saw Izek retrieve the doll that looks like Irena.

The party headed to the chapel looking for a curse-breaker or silver weapons. They found neither but were directed (tentatively) towards the “mad mage” north of the lake who knows powerful magic.

While at the chapel they found out that the Bones of St. Andral had been stolen by the priest’s ward for money. The bones were delivered to Henrik Van Der Vort, the coffin maker. They headed to the coffin maker’s shop, Henrik did nothing to resist them and admitted that the loft was full of vampire spawn planning an attack.

The party set fire to the shop and fought three escaping vampire spawn. During the fight, the Wacther brothers appeared, drunk, injured and chasing Rictavio’s sabre-tooth tiger. They asked for with the effect of a poison trap they had sprung, but the party had their hands full with the vampire spawn.

One vampire fled and the party gave chase. On the way they met Rictavio who sought the party’s help tracking down the sabre-tooth tiger but the party declined. They found the vampire, killed in the alley Rictavio had emerged from.



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